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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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good morning. gary, corey and cheryl with you . . meteorologist marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. gary, corey and cheryl with you. marty coniglio. next week looks iffy? >> i think it's going to be a combination of cold, windy and cold. i think monday is going to be the big day for the next storm. state. cold where you would expect it to be cold on a clear, calm january morning. relatively mild in eastern 30s. we are starting to slip into that near below zero territory around rangely, meeker, the
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for us today a lot of sun. here and there. mid-to-upper 50s. coming up we will be talking about the storm next week. does look like we are in store luckily it looks like a one day, one and a half day event. it's not a multi-day event. amelia, that's one of those things we look far off into the future to check out. folks have more immediate concerns today? at least dry roads aren't a concern to worry about. a nice easy start across most easy freeways. construction on i-25 wrapped unbetween lincoln and c-470. last night, stretched through 5:15 this morning. tonight. now, we are tweeting out the information there, including the alternate routes. across i-70 in the area of quebec excellent. overpasses, bridges all closure in the immediate area.
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225 a perfect example there. as we look at the bigger picture view here, i-25 first to slow down between 112th and u.s. 36 in the southbound direction. we will bog down around the mousetrap. 25 santa fe. high country drive off to a nice beginning as well. if you are catching a flight out to dia, in the next update we will talk about that. it's the third time in about a week the university of denver is recording another new fondling case near campus this morning. 9news reporter noel brennan is live this morning. noel, the university is warning students to travel in groups? >> reporter: they are, corey. in fact, du tweeted about this morning. to where we are. it happened near iliff and josephine about 2:00 this morning. a woman was forcibly fondled. this is the third reported incident in about eight days
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wednesday. westley avenue and south high street. the second happened son near as street. the suspect's descriptions are vague but similar. the first incident a man six ear flaps. the second involved a man wearing a black hoodie who grabbed a woman from behind. this morning's incident involved a man described as six feet tall sweatshirt. denver police were not able to josephine. no arrests were made. once again, denver police and university of denver warning students to walk in groups and to stay in the well lit areas. >> noel, thanks for the update.
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firefighters say that they could see the flames from about a half mile away. crews had to truck in water because there weren't any fire hydrants nearby. today a man will be arraigned for his role in this fatal crash. police say ricardo gardai hit multiple cars last august. can you see them all smashed together. another car's gas tank exploded. the car blew up and a person died. it is 5:34 now. donald trump is boycotting tonight's gop debate. says he has not changed his mind. he still has plans tonight though hosting a rival event at the same time as fellow candidates are going to take the debate stage. trump's campaign is hosting a special event to benefit veterans organization at drake university in des moines. trump told fox news bill
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way he is going to be a part of the debate. he has issues with the debate moderator megyn kelly. tonight's is the last before the iowa caucuses on monday. a poll out this morning shows that trump holds the lead comfortably in that state. hilary clinton is working hard no iowa to trying to get an over bernie sanders. poll iowa. sanders is on top 49% of likely clinton up 45%. martin o'malley is trailing at 4%. week. today the ep a's administrator is going to be in denver talking about climate industries america snow show. mccarthy will discuss how climate change is affecting the has been, they say, especially over the last couple of years.
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is issuing a voluntary recall. organa labs is recalling products there might be unsafe pesticides in them. the recall effects marijuana concentrates that are used for vaporizing. the products were district butted through the state of colorado. if you have these products, throw them away or take them back to the store for a refund. as the first state to legalize marijuana, we are having to figure out a lot of things as we go. one topic, drug traffickers growing products here and shipping it out of state. authorities say illegal drug traffickers are moving here to grow crops and then they ship marijuana out of the state. in one case, the owner of a skydiving business crammed hundreds of pounds of marijuana into his plane and then flew it to minnesota. prosecutors say they are going after the more sophisticated illegal operations, but some
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a new home for big bird and masterpiece theater. the post is reporting this morning that rocky mountain pbs will be announcing today a plan to build a new headquarters and broadcast facility at 21st and arapahoe. the $30 million project will be a big win for denver's arapahoe square neighborhood. rocky mountain pbs will be the main anchor. global gloom raising eyebrows at the federal reserve at the end of their two-day meeting yesterday. they acknowledged our economy lost momentum at the end of 2015. key interest rate. fed's statement. the dow up 10 points before the release of that statement, but fed's announcement. a mixed start to the day tomorrow at the opening bell on wall street. influence things. we are going to hear about unemployment, pending home sales and earnings from ford, amazon as well as microsoft. we are following breaking
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fire burning at 24th and welton in denver. this woke up dozens of people in the middle of the night. the apartment building was filled with smoke. denver firefighters are at this apartment building right now still working very hard. we know that there are some people who had to run out so quickly they had to go out in the cold barefoot this morning and waiting there on the sidewalk. denver fire has been updating on twitter saying that there are some active power lines that they have been calling in paramedics to help some of the victims. they say it's still burning in attic and the fire was so intense at a point that burned a stairwell that collapsed. tarhonda thomas is gathering more information about this effort and hopefully no one has been seriously hurt. we will continue to follow this breaking news story at 4th and welt-en as denver fire continues to work on this apartment building. 5:38 right now.
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nation was stunned by the challenger. 73 seconds after lift-off as it was climbing into space a failed seal called an o ring caused the shuttle to blow up. it killed the seven astronauts on board. it was one of those disasters that people remember where they were when they heard about it saw it. day doing stories on the colorado connection to the mission. cu boulder graduate and astronaut ellison anazuka was on that flight. cu had a satellite on board designed to study haley's comet. we were with six elementary school kids and teachers from boulder county. they had won a contest sponsored by ball aerospace to watch the launch. something they are still emotional about three decades later. >> dave aguilera, who led the
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this was just after the accident. he just turned to us and said they are all dead. there was an explosion. and that moment was the first time i had ever been in contact with mortality in that way. >> nasa will pay tribute to the challenger crew today during a day of remembrance at the kennedy space center in florida. if you didn't get to see gary's series, look it up on 9news face-offs incredible. >> yeah. we did a 30-minute special looking back at the challenger disaster through the eyes of those kids who were there who are 40 years old now. account. we have a link and it's on it's 5:40. you know gary starts every morning with a cup of coffee, probably like you do. there is a huge pot just right over there. you know, a lot of people, you
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>> i got good news for you. coffee prices may job in the future. all except one place that you are familiar with. i will tell you about that after the break. >> take a wild guess. in the pacific we are tracking a storm for next week. coming up we will tell you why
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trending this morning on our website is the story about the possibility for a snowstorm early next week. computer models have been pretty consistent on forecasting significant snowfall. so i'm here in the weather center with meteorologist marty coniglio. there are a lot of factors that have to come together to make this storm really happen? >> that's true with any storm. you know what's interesting? i have my happened on a ruler. there is a half-inch. if you have a half-inch. moisture, how much snow would that be? >> an inch? half-inch? >> it depends. depending on the snow to water
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three 13 inches of snow. >> that's why i am not a meteorologist. >> you can see with a couple of-tenths of inch of moisture could make a big difference. that's one complicating factor. the other is distance. let me show you something here. let's say we had a storm by go in a straight line to denver, but there was a little bit of air. we are maybe 5 or 10 degrees off. that's a few miles, right? that's no big deal. we are talking about snowstorms that are thousands of miles away. so if you have that same tiny amount of air when you take that error, you take that out over several days, it can result in hundreds of miles in difference. that's a lot of times when we say we are not sure about the track of this storm. there are a lot of different solutions. and over the pacific, we don't have upper air measurements. we don't have surface measurements.
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fill in the blanks with computer simplify it because the atmosphere is actually more complicated than we can make computers to forecast it. >> i don't envy your job. there are several models and they change every six to 12 >> yes. once we get to saturday and you get into the more detailed model grid that goes every three hours, then you can start making detailed snow forecasts and get a little bit better. >> no reason to freak out just yet. >> still a few days away. a lot of time to prepare. but i do think monday is going >> good to know. gary and cheryl. >> fascinating. i have learned something today. i am going home. >> 5:45. coffee prices continue to crash, but starbucks not likely to lower its prices any time soon.
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they say between prices account for 20% of operating costs. wages, rent and benefits make up a bigger portion. some drivers in texas could not believe what they were seeing. they saw gas selling for 39 cents for a gallon. but these prices didn't last for long. the station decided to show a little customer appreciation by offering the cheap gas for only two hours. in case you were wondering, gas has not been that low since 1969. careerbuilder put out a survey that found ought quarter of employees are late at least once a month. survey looked at this year's most outrageous excuses for being late, and here are a few i want to share. quote, i thought of quitting today but then decided not to so i came in late. my hair caught on fire from my blow drier. i would never use that. another one said i was detained by homeland security. my favorite, i had to chase my cows back into the field. >> what?
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i will have more on these at 6:40. i will have a whole different list of outrageous why i was late. >> how sad the list is so long. 5:46 now. within the last half hour the united nations health agency has announced it will meet monday to decide if zika should be an international health emergency. health experts want it studied more closely. it's been tied to rare birth defects showing up in brazil. researchers have closely examined 700 of the 4100 reported cases. more than half were not connected to the zika virus. the world health organization says this shows how little is zone about the virus and it's effect. at the same time, scientists are working on making genetically modified mosquitoes, mosquitoes that would keep those with the zika virus from reproducing.
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genetically modified males to mate with unmodified females of the same species. they have already tested these mosquitoes in one part of brazil and it reduced that population by 87%. so a really interesting way to >> interesting. >> isn't it? >> wow. all right. well, they are working on it. that's a good thing. 5:48 right now. let's check in with marty and amelia. >> guys, we are looking at a clear morning in fort collins. it's gonna be nice in northern colorado. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. we will be pushing 60 around here. way. starts sunday with some light snow developing and will continue into monday. so amelia, all those dry roads we are getting used to, we will week. well, we will get back into snow mode for sure.
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an unusual delay across northbound i-25. a closure between lincoln and c-470 was overnight. this is related to a crash. we are going to get more information about that coming up. sky9 launches in a few minutes above. a couple of concerns around your downtown drive this morning. tarhonda's got a live update on the apartment fire in a few minutes. we want to let you know in the five points neighborhood around 24th and welton reports of power lines down.
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pretty good looking day around here. not a lot of wind. a couple of 25-mile-per-hour gusts in berthoud pass, loveland pass. we do anticipate strong winds in wyoming tonight and tomorrow. first round of moisture moving into the pacific northwest. farther to the north just that tiny little disturbance there, that's gonna be the one that
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creates a snowy condition for us sunday through early tuesday morning. teens, 20s, 30s for us this morning. it is going below zero again in some of the usual locations in central and western colorado. partly cloudy this morning through this afternoon. partly, only 10, 15% of the sky will be covered with clouds during the day today. 50s to almost 60 around metro denver nuggets. lower 50s up north. 40s to 50 in the foothills. statewide dry everywhere. plenty of sun. it's going to be warmer than yesterday with high temperatures moving into the 30s in the northern mountain valleys and san luis valley, in the 40s lower tear rain on the western slope. warmer in southeastern colorado. look for partly cloudy conditions today again. more sun than clouds for sure. 58 downtown. clouds kind of stick around through the night tonight. that keeps us up close to freezing overnight. they are going to stay with us
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keep us below 60 degrees. we go into the mid 50s saturday. sunday some really light snow developing. then monday i think is really when the storm's going to be most active. moderate to heavy snow. right now i'd say at least 10 inches of snow around here with that one with wind and then the snow wraps up tuesday with windy, cold conditions there as well. looks like you have some flashing lights there, amelia. what's going on? we definitely do. we are looking at i-25 and c- 470 cdot camera. this earlier this morning was related to our closure by 25. now that we have just seen the police vehicles pass through the area, it looks like there is a crash northbound i-25. delays are impacted very quickly. as for your drive, tack on tone 15. at this point the cdot cameras haven't rotated around to get a good view of this crash yet. if you are waking up across downtown keep in mind it is
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you will see extra cyclists in your bike path and roadways. southbound 25 six minutes from 70 towards santa fe. overall, a really, really good start. your high country drive pretty much clear across the board.
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amelia we continue to follow breaking news in denver. dozens of people have been woken up in the middle of the night when their apartment building filled up with smoke. denver firefighters are at the apartment at 24th and welton right now. the building is still smoking. we have learned that the fire was in the attic, that there are live power lines that are down, that a staircase is completely burned through. ems has been requested to assist with some residents there. we're working to get you more information. we do have a photographer on scene and tarhonda thomas just got there as well. she is working on getting us updated information about our this fire started and if anyone was inside or injured. >> apparently, one person was taken to the hospital, probably to be checked out. we will keep you up to date on
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that in the five points neighborhood. using mosquitoes to fight mosquitoes. the new way that people are trying to stop the zika virus. that's at 6:40. we will take a break and be
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